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A spotlight has been shone on perhaps the greatest threat to the music industry’s survival: a growing mental health crisis that has been looming for years, evidenced by staggering rates of depression, anxiety, substance abuse and suicide among its members.

Healing from the Inside

Founded in 2020 by Dr. Chayim Newman and Zack Borer as an expansion of their work with music industry professionals, Amber Health provides comprehensive, evidence-based mental health services for all sectors of the music industry, highlighting the human experience of those who work in it.

The Amber Health team consists of licensed professionals: mental health clinicians, certified trainers, nutritionists/dietitians and health experts, all who have spent extensive time within the music industry and understand its unique environment.

Chayim Newman headshot
Dr. Chayim NewmanPsychologist
Zack Borer headshot
Zack BorerPsychotherapist, LMFT

Our Approach

We are dedicated to the well-being of the humans who make the music happen.

Customized Support

Our solutions are custom designed to match the needs of your organization. We take time, we hold space, we listen — to you.

From the Bottom Up

We aim to inspire systemic change one organization, one tour, and one live event at a time.

Driven by Research

Our solutions are backed by scientific research, including proprietary data collected from thousands of crew members, artists, and industry professionals.


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Whether you need mental health support for your artist, tour leadership, or your entire tour, we can help.

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Live Events

For your event team, performers, and crew, we provide support before, during, and after your event.

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We develop an array of high-impact trainings and workshops for your organization and create data-driven assessment programs that improve health and mental health.

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Artists & Teams

Together, we will work to enhance the overall well-being of your team through individual and group-based support.

Select Clients

Our mission is to provide exceptional mental health support for the music industry, built and delivered by those with insider experience.

Let’s Have a Conversation

Drop us a note to learn more about how we can help your team.

For speaking engagements or press inquiries, contact: